Tales of Exile – Abdul Hay Mosallam Zarara at Sharjah Art Foundation

Abdul Hay Mosallam Zarara is a self-taught Palestinian artist who has meticulously worked on archiving the recent histories of the Palestinian people. He was born in 1933 at Al-Dawayima in Palestine, and currently lives and works in Amman. Mosallam recreates scenes from daily life in his lost Palestinian home that have remained vivid in his mind since his expulsion from the village of Al-Dawayima in 1948. Mosallam has also produced extensive documentation of the recent Palestinian struggle and liberation movements in the form of painted reliefs – it is these works that form the basis of the exhibition in Sharjah. The extract on show forms part of a “painted archive” – a unique representation of a community writing its own history.


Like all his work, the pieces on show at the Sharjah Art Foundation till 15 January 2015 are highly illustrative. Mosallam did not have any formal training, using sawdust…

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